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Hydra schaktdörr

Hydra schaktdörr



Hydra landing door

Flexible and reliable

Hydra is the Wittur multifunctional proposal: a system designed for maximum application flexibility.
The wide variety of executions can be used with any kind of application, from residential buildings up to office buildings and hotels.
  • Flexible and reliable door
  • Wide variety of configurations and executions
  • Complete range of finishes
  • Possibility to satisfy every single application with an high degree of personalization
  • The landing door Hydra is combined with Hydra Plus operator, Pegasus Plus operator (medium-high traffic), Eco Piuma and Hydra 3000 Plus operator (for medium-low traffic)

Standard landing door: complete automatic landing door, including hanger complying with EN81, panels and frames in prime finish RAL 7032, standard aluminium sill, toe-guard 300 mm, fixing brackets.

Landing door with special frames (angular frame and tubular frame)

Fire resistant landing door (according to EN81-58 norms):

Glass panels door

Glass-framed panels door

Fire-resistant landing door (further norms):

  • Landing door according to DIN 18091norms
  • Fire-resistant landing door
  • Fire-resistant glass-framed panel door
  • Fire-cutting landing door

Special execution

  • Explosionproof
  • Waterproof IP54

Ship doors 

Landing door according to EN81-72 norms (firefighters)

Landing door according to EN81-71:2005 norms (vandal-resistant certification)

  • Prime finish painted sheet (RAL 7032)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Coloured aluminium
  • Prepainted aluminium
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Plasticized sheet
  • Plastic laminate
  • Hammered paint
  • RAL smooth painting
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