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Augusta schaktdörr

Augusta schaktdörr



Augusta landing door

Cost effective and reliable

The Augusta landing door was designed to ensure the best performances in its range of market. It's the best solution to satisfy the requirements of new residential buildings, of refurbishing installations, and over all of medium and low duty installations.


  • It may be delivered disassembled, separately packaged to simplify the handling in the site and to allow the reduction of transport costs.
  • It is designed to ensure an easy and quick installation.
  • It's manufactured in two versions, two panels central or telescopic one-side opening, with a clear opening of 700 mm up to 1000 mm.
  • It's coupled to its Augusta operator and Hydra 3000 PLUS operator.

Standard landing door:

complete automatic landing door, including hanger complying with EN81, panels and frames (mm 120 x 120 x 222) in prime finish RAL 7032, standard aluminium sill, toe-guard 300 mm, fixing brackets.

Fire resistant landing door (according to EN81-58 norms):

  • EN81-58 Class "E"
  • EN81-58 Class "EW"
  • Fire resistant landing door (further norms):

    Fire-resistant landing door
  • Prime finish painted sheet (RAL 7032).
  • Stainless steel Gr. 240
  • Stainless steel scotch brits.
  • Plasticized sheet.
  • RAL smooth painting.
  • Panels always coated.
  • Load-bearing frame.
  • Frames cut at floor level (on request).
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